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Originally Posted by The Kremelin Wall View Post
No offense but most top 3 picks are already NHL ready. Yakupov and Grigorenko would be immediate results, not three years of waiting. Besides plenty of teams have tanked one year and become fine after, especially when hit with injury. Like Philly in 2007.
Sometimes a top-3 can be NHL ready, sometimes they can't be. Just because it seems to be a theme lately it does not mean that will always be the case. We don't even know if a player in the top 3 will even pan out for us in the NHL. We all know the horror stories.

It's a stupid risk and to even consider it is simply ludicrous. What has happened to Habs fans? We are the face of the league, the most storied franchise of hockey; we should always strive for excellence. Rooting for our team to lose so we could have a chance at a good player who isn't even guaranteed to make a difference is pathetic in my opinion.

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