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10-30-2005, 07:35 AM
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well...we got outskated, we got outworked in the corners, we got outworked in front of the net, we got outshot, we got outhustled, we got outcoached, we got outplayed.. but i do have some really good news. I just saved a bundle on my car insurance.

..our pp isn't cutting it. The first unit is too cute. Perimeter passes, trying to make sportscenter plays of the game, not enough work. Notice how pp units normally work the puck around quickly, and with each pass they work in just a little closer. Getting a higher and higher % shot. Ours isn't right now. Right now in fact it stinks. 10 games. 12 pp goals. 7 by the first unit that is getting two times the amount of time our 2nd unit is, and the 2nd unit has scored 5...

of course the 2nd unit is nothing to write home about with those 5 goals scored...because they are the unit that has allowed 2 of the three shorties and the one last night immediately after the penalty(this was the second time they've done this this year already).. so basically the hall-perreualt-erat pp unit has scored 5 and allowed 4... not acceptable... i cringe everytime this unit is on ice... not good enough puck handlers. too slow to react defensively if the other team ever gets the frigging puck

..hartnall and legwand have to be given more pp time.. has to be.. two of our best 5 offensive players and they are seeing no quality pp time.

..i actually thought when we scored the opener on that nice little breakin and shot by erat (admittedly on a broken fluky play), that we had really come to play last night.

..our defensivemen were in left field last night all game long. people will say vokoun didn't play well, but the real fact of the matter was he was out there on a flipping island all game.. look at the 5 goals allowed..
....goal one-hemsky breaks in one on one with timonen...kimmo makes the cardinal sin, plays the puck instead of the body...hemsky just punched the puck thru timonen's legs.. and timonen has to grab him, tomas goofs and tries to sprawl and chip the puck away...zidlicky standing beside vokoun cann't get there in time...two guys could have scored that goal as they both beat us to it laying in the low slot
...goal two-accckk...pitiful pp, hamhuis passes up a point shot with 5 seconds to go on the penalty and instead turns the puck over into the corner to cross...suter doesn't react(nor does hamhuis) to get back to cover bergeron coming out of the box, despite everyone screaming it from the bench...breakaway..gamewinning breakaway as it turned out
....goal three...the 4 on 3 that shouldn't have been.. easy pass to the low slot, no defensiveman in sight (eaton-hamhuis-johnson were out there for this awful pk)...hemsky actually mis-hits the puck on that onetimer and fires a chageup back behind vokoun who is diving to the right post,right to where he was on the left post.. easy goal
....goal four..the 11 second pp..tic tac toe..hamhuis and eaton were killed on this one thanks to a great entry pass by hensky again
....goal five... vokoun loses his one thinks to hand him theirs...

...we get outshot badly a game where we've trailed for over the last 30 minutes by 2 goals...this is supposed to be the time we attack wildly throwing shots on net.. and we still get outshot 11-6 in the third?!.. isn't supposed to happen...this getting outshot badly every game is beginning to get worrisome... shows we're passing the puck too flipping much... jeezus

...only people that had any jump whatsoever were the first line..drew four penalties that their effort was personally responsible for...but no goals

...we only had about 5 real good scoring chances outside the pp... an erat one, the two greg johnson ones, two kariya ones in the slot,... nowhere near enough

..stevenson plays hard...but when he is on your 3rd line you're not going to get much production from that unit...combine hall and stevenson and there is simply too much slowness to generate anything in the skating nhl on any rush...greg many times will we see him skate the puck into the zone and then peal back to the blueline to wait for others to join in some type of rush?...he does it about 4 times every game....put erat on this line- give them some speed

..legwand...12 flipping minutes?!.. less time than any of the top 3 line forwards...scott nichol had as much icetime as david legwand..come on.. legwand has to be given more time..preferably on the pp,which needs something badly right now.. at least on the 2nd unit pp..the guys playing as well as anyone on the team

..if markov is really going to be out for the ewest coast trip...we need to call up weber or klein..badly... allison is a liability out there in the defensive end..

..wouldn't be surprised if walker isn't out much longer than the week..which isn't good news the way we have looked last two games up upshall..move him or gamache to the third line LW..move stevenson back to the 4th line.. set allison.

in my mind, against conventional wisdom, this long west coast trip could be good for the team...get them back refocused and away from the last two games.... having said that... come away with 4 points and this would be a great swing.. 3 would be acceptable

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