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Originally Posted by Zoo16 View Post
In that part of the state, there are THOUSANDS of hunters out there every week, and I'd say that none of them are as trained as these officers. I'd be more worried about Joe Schmoe wandering the woods with his shiny new shotgun and only a few hours of safety training (and maybe not even that).
You kind of fed into my point.

Animal Control is prepared for raccoons, deer, that sort of problem. Not dozens of lions, bears, etc. The Columbus Zoo is probably the only organization even remotely prepared for something like this, and they were called.
I didn't say animal control did I? Having said that, Florida animal control can deal with things like alligators and poisonous snakes. We aren't a swamp to be sure and this isn't normal, just pointing out a fact.

Prepare for the possible escape of dozens of highly dangerous wild animals? Cops with guns sounds like the right plan to me. The person that held all these animals would be responsible for the results, but in this case that doesn't matter anymore.
The invention of the traq gun (in this case rifle) must be a foreign concept out there. If I am a cop and I live in an area with exotic animals of this kind, I might try and make a contingency in case they were set loose and hopefully lethal force is only needed as backup.

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