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10-19-2011, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
Sam and Joe get paid to market the club. You should know this by know.

Torts HATES Brooks. All of his comments to him are short and chippy. Lets put this into context of how Torts typically replies to Brooks, rhetorical questions, get short sarcastic responses.

Brooks: initates question on Wolski
Torts forced to answer: We can't get him out of the tub.
Brooks (given basically no info by Torts because Torts hates him then asks): For his groin?
Torts: I guess so. ...(aka Brooks go the F away I'm not giving you squat)

So in his blog, because Brooks got no info he adds in "$3.8M cap hit. Hmmm." to stir things up more because he got squat from the coach.

All I get from this is it's a typical conversation between Brooks and Torts, Wolski is hurt and Brooks is pointing out that Wolski makes 3.8m which has nothing to do with anything at this point because you can't waive a guy who's hurt.
From the NYDN blog:
Wojtek Wolski (sore groin) has practiced every day so far this week and felt better after Wednesday’s skate than he did on Monday. But Tortorella wasn’t exactly brimming with confidence when asked whether Wolski was making progress.

“He’s gotta get out of the tub,” Tortorella said, presumably meaning Wolski still must spend significant time recovering off the ice. “Can’t get him out of the tub.”

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