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10-19-2011, 07:05 PM
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Blast Nash all you want, but as someone who has played hockey their entire life, when backchecking on a one on three, the last thing you do is take a penalty. If I'm the forward there and I see two defensemen back, my only objective is to apply pressure to remove time and space. Nash did that ... at the point where he failed at the stick lift, it was then the defenseman's turn to step up and apply pressure, and the other defenseman should have dropped behind for insurance. Had Nash hooked, held, elbowed, dragged down, or any other way tried to stop Jamie Benn there, that's likely a penalty. By the time he reached Benn, there was little other option.

The bigger issue here is Aaron Johnson stepping up and whiffing on both the puck and the player. He has to get one or the other - no exception.

Had Nash taken a hooking penalty here, everyone would have been ticked about that as well - because there was no reason, in a one on three, for him to do so. It was a half-hearted effort by all four guys on the play - from Russell not finishing his check, to Brassard's lazy attempt at a pass across, to Nash not skating back hard enough, to Johnson completely failing in every aspect.

Blaming only Nash is completely unfair, he had less of an opportunity than every other player on this play to stop this play from happening. Why not blame Johnson? Because he makes less money and doesn't wear a letter?

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