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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Don't worry, the thread will go away once we win two in a row and be replaced by something called "Feels like '93." Then it will come back with a vengeance after our next two game losing streak. It's the nature of the beast here.

You mean rebuilding right?

Right... because only a real fan wants the club to build mediocre teams that aren't good enough to win cups right?

Well, we know enough that we've been avoiding any kind of true rebuild for almost two decades and we've been treading water ever since.

We've watched as other clubs have traded for younger players, picks and prospects and built through the draft to assemble contenders and champions as we've sat on the sidelines without superstars or sniffing a cup appearance.

We know that our only top five pick in the last quarter century (via a one time ever league wide lottery) also happens to be our best player and who we pin all of our hopes on to get us into the playoffs. We also know that our best forward prospect was traded for in a rebuilding move that we'd like to see more of. We've also watched as we ditched a great prospect for an overpaid underperforming soft center who isn't going to lead us anywhere.

We also know that the club hasn't shown any real kind of desire to build a cup winning club through their actions because clubs that want to win don't go out and sign small mediocre players to build their core around. We know that the fan base seems to be okay with 8th place finishes and will defend many moves no matter how bad they are for our future.

I think we know the team better than you do.
good one heres a cookie. Whatever builds you're self esteem.

First of all TANKING is the most cowardly thing to do in sports, and when a team is clearly TANKING they should be fined/penalized heavily. It's a joke, and something losers do, and is completely unethical. Canadiens don't rebuild we draft good players, which we are starting to do a good job of now for the first time in years. Canadiens have too much pride to finish last. Also our fans can't wait 5 years to make the playoffs, which would cause a lot of backlash towards the current team that would be "rebuilding" = PLayers being bood and repeatedly thus showing how much we hate to lose, which in turn would make any UFA not want to come to MTL ever. Its bad enough now already.

Did you forget that what you call average teams have won cups?..Have you forgot that a playoff team has just as good of a chance to win the cup like any other playoff team these days?..Have you forgot about just last yr we gave the cup champs their toughest challenge? Have you forgot that we were in the conference finals just 2 years ago?. Have you forgot the pure heart and up and coming young talent we have?..Have you forgot that Markov Cammi Spacek and White are injured? I'd like to think u don't take anything into consideration and are one of the reasons why canadiens fans are called manic habs fans. You seem to only think of right now and not the big picture. So instead of personally attacking me maybe you should use you're barin and think before you type. Get a grip boy

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