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10-19-2011, 07:57 PM
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Many problems exist with this team- I'm not sure Scotty Bowman could mold them into a winner.

I believe it is mainly due to the type of people we draft or obtain in trade. With the exception of Wis they are soft. There are no Benn's, Iginla's, Getzlaff's, etc. We appear to have tried to emulate the Red Wings but have been completely inept at drafting/signing free agents/and trading. For years we picked the next guy from the Hockey News rankings of prospects, bypassing people like Anze Kopitar among many others.(and don''t even tallk about 2003) One of my to do's is to go back through the drafts and see how many other teams have drafted as poorly as we have. I know we made some changes in scouting but as I recall we just promoted people from within. So my first step in fixing the team is get a completely new scouting team. Second step is go find a goalie who can steal a game now and then. Has Mase stolen one since his rookie year? Third pray we can trade the long list of players Howson has signed to too long contracts. 4th, chose an alternative team to root for in addition to the BJ's.

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