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10-19-2011, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by trueblue9441 View Post
ive been looking at the virtual seating map for this year.. and i just caught something interesting...

if you click on the sections down low.. such as section 106 row 5, and you scroll thru the benefits, the third benefit is access to the madison concourse.

now thats the new 6th floor concourse correct? if you look at section 225, there is no mention of access to the madison concourse... is the 6th floor now going to be exclusively for club seats?
I saw that but I doubt it. How could you tell half the people in the crowd that they can't go on one of the concourses? Prevents people from buying things at the store, getting the brand new foods they've hyped up etc. I really doubt that's true.

Just saw your edit and saw the same thing. They probably threw that in in some sections to make it seem like they're getting even more in those sections lol

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