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10-19-2011, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
Winning makes it all go away.

If the results were there on the ice, do you think any one legitimately cares if the coach and GM speak french fluently? No.

Yes, when you lose, the microscope is there and it becomes a point of emphasis to add to the frustration. However, the Montreal Canadiens fan base extends far beyond the reaches of the province of Quebec and the mentality needs to change. It's 2011. Are we going to not allow Blacks or Homosexuals to take a position of the power in the organization because we follow archaic ideals?

Be proud of your nationality, be proud of your language. However, there is no reason to project this onto a sports team. Once, yes, there was some merit to it. It simply has died away and the only people who seem to care about it are people in the organization and those living in Quebec who do speak french or are of french descent. No longer are the games drummed up as some Anglophone v Francophone match-up.
Do you not realize how fast this is gonna become a political issue and not just merely a sports one. It's not feasable in this market. I never said it wasn't stupid, you can give 100 reasons why it's dumb and I agree, but it is an issue and always will be. The political issue of Quebec culture is pervasive throughout Quebec no matter what level of society you are talking about.

It's an issue here to stay. He can sit here and act like it's easy to implement but everything is easier in word than in deed. I'm pretty sure if the Molsons could they would, but they won't because that is just the reality of playing in Quebec.

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