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10-19-2011, 11:04 PM
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I think he's doing well. Him and Pac have great chemistry. I still hope Eller will center that line when Cammy get back.

That been said I don't understand why people will be piss if Martin put him with Gomez. I don't understand why AK should have a free pass and be the only forward who ''don't play with Gomez" .

Gomez and Gionta need to be pair with a big winger so I expect Cole,Pacs and AK to play with them somewhere in the season. We have a small top6 so Gionta and Cammy can't play on a line together if they don't play with a big center. There's a reason Ak and Pac cycle the puck well in the offensive zone they are big and strong give them Eller and sky is the limit for this line.

I hope Gauthier sign Kost long term next year. We need to keep our big offensive player.

Next year Gauthier will have to make a decision I hope he keep our 4 offensive big guy

and I think he will have to trade two of our small fowards
Plekanec ( won't be trade)

IMO Gomez is gone next year because is contract will interest small market and if Gauthier trade another guy it should be DD or Gionta.

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