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Originally Posted by asdwe1 View Post
On the last day of my rep team tryouts I was called into the dressing room 10 minutes before practice was over. I waited 5 ****** minutes for the coach to come in and when he came he told me I was cut. At first when he told I was then he. He told me because of my backwards skating. I was like "WHAT THE **** ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! BACKWARDS SKATING, I'M ******* FORWARD, THATS THE LAMEST REASON YOU CAN SEND ME DOWN FOR." He also told me my shot was an issue which understandable. So last week I had my first practice for house and in the last 20 minutes we had a scrimage I scored 8 ******* goals, and no one else scored more than 2 goals. I'm still pissed
you sound exactly like me my first year of midget got cut went and trained hard and made the team the next two years.. after that i went to junior and was very last cut 25 games into the season cause of transitional speed. but was lucky enough to joun the college team back home and played a very minimal role but in playoffs everyone got hurt and i stepped up and played very good... the next year i was a lock on the team.. this past season i went back to jr cause i moved for school and just wanted to play some hockey on the side and came in as a seond to first line player.. the past few games i was sent to the energy line but that was my fault for not producing.... keep workign at it and you will easily make it. keep your head up and prove the coaches wrong is the best way to do it.. you will be fine dont worry bud

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