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10-28-2003, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Ice Cream Man
I just don't see Saprykin retaining that much trade value right now. He still hasn't shown anything to really generate credible interest in him. Right now, he's looking like a $1 million third-line winger.

I'm not for trading him, but Nagy is a rising star - way moreso than Sappy, IMO. And Lydman? He's the kicker here. Solid two-way defenseman. But, with Phoenix incredibly deep at defense, this trade would be a no-go right now.

Some of us don't value Saprykin, and possibly Lydman, as high as others.
You want to know what the difference between Nagy and Saprykin is? Two years of development. Nagy was a 97 pick, Saprykin a 99.

Saprykin's looking like a 1 million dollar 3rd liner? Sure, perhaps RIGHT at this moment. But the kid is also only 22 and has obviously not hit his potential. If you want to deal him thinking that's his value then you'd make a horrible trade for this franchise. He's a future 25+ goal scorer IMO. If you want to show a lack of patience and not get good value in return that's fine, I know Sutter won't be doing that.

IMO you don't value Saprykin and Lydman as high as Sutter does so there's no way we'd deal them both for Nagy, that's a preposturous suggestion IMO.

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