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10-19-2011, 11:19 PM
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I live and die with each win and loss by this team. I will not be able to handle a horrible season. The ultimate goal for every team is to win the cup, but I'm pretty okay with having a successful and exciting season every year, even if we don't go all the way.

We're never going back to the dynasty era because the talent is just spread too thin in this league, and you really have to tank at the perfect time when generational talents are showing up in consecutive drafts. If it were not for their injury problems with Crosby and Malkin, I'm almost entirely positive Pittsburgh would have about 3-5 more cups in the next decade for that very reasonm which I don't think is going to happen now (my crystal ball is out of order so I'm just guessing). However, I don't ever want to have to suffer through what they did.

I'm pretty thankful to be excited for each and every game as I am now, and I definitely would not be if I was getting ready to go to or watch a game near the end of a season where we have 50+ losses. Rooting for my team to tank means rooting for them to lose each and every game, and what the **** kind of fan are you if you're asking for that by the very team you claim to love? That's not love, that's greed.

In short, **** tanking.

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