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Originally Posted by Scottrocks58 View Post
What else could he say - stay away and make the owners pay for their poor management? Vilified for over a decade as being the (American, no less) bane of Canadian hockey, he moves a homeless team into Manitoba and becomes St. Bettman of Portage, and all the off color Bettman jokes go right out the window. He gets quoted by those who previously wanted to pillory him as if he were the lord of hockey.
What he was saying was that if you want a team support it regardless...quit blaming bad teams, bad owners, bad locations and bad previous owners.......the blame game stops at the fan support or lack of support.
The message bad fan support sends is that the fans don't care if they have a team. And be real, Phoenix does not have the history of support to stand up and point to Chicago or Pittsburgh, if fact they have a history closer to the fan support in Atlanta.
NO owner is going to look at a history of bad support and think that buying the team is going to translate into anything but a massive loss, and given history, a 5 year rebuild will add up to 150 million more in bad support.....if you think that Winnipeg was simply a move by Bettman to make fans in Winnipeg happy, you are completely and utterly deluded.
If anything that should show fans in Phoenix that you either support what you have, while the situation is resolved, or the league will take whatever steps are needed to resolve it. This is a business, its not an entitlement. IF there is fan support that wants a team, they better show it soon and consistently, forget the myriad of's 5 years too late and irrelevant to the solution.
Keep showing any potential owner that there is no real chance of making money, unless he immediately delivers the Stanley Cup, and I can pretty much bet that there will be a final solution that has everything to do with Fan support and little to do with the thought of appeasing fans in another market. Can't make money Phoenix...can make millions in market X...TODAY. Winnipeg is a prime example of making more money in 1 year than they could in Atlanta in perhaps....ever. I suggest Quebec, Hamilton and maybe Seattle would be the very same option for someone wishing to invest 170 million, vs the ongoing support in the form of 30 million in losses that Phoenix provides......where would you invest?

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