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10-30-2005, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Bench Warmer
I've played for about 8 years now.. ( I'm 20 ) .. As a hockey player, I'm probably average.. I can stick handle like anybody, but its all useless thanks to my speed. I'm always the slowest guy on the ice.. It's so aggrivating... I don't know what im doing wrong... There's definitley something wrong with the positioning of my body while I'm skating.. I'm going balls to the walls, but still getting no where..

Anyone have any advice..
If you do not play at a high level of hockey, what's the point of the worrying about your speed? You're 20, you'll most likely be hitting the beer leagues soon and thats the time to have fun. I came to the assumption that you are not at a high level due to the fact that most high level hockey teams provide their players with power skating instructors during practice or at a seperate time during the week.

However, there are many things you could do to improve your skating technique. One, attend beginner or intermediate power skating sessions. The most basic skating tips are the following: keep your toes straight, your knees slightly bent and your back also slightly bent... but do NOT lean over your skates.

I was a goaltender though and acquired most of skating skills through power skating lessons that the goaltenders were not required to go to. However, due to it being my draft year I went anyway and became one of the fastest skaters on my team (I believe it was my skating skills that got me a few scholarship offers to a couple of division I universities in the U.S. but never went due to a knee injury I suffered at the end of the year, gah (I'm 19 now)).

Anyways, considering you are not playing at a high level, I must say it is not important that you master your skating technique. Your aim should just be to have fun.

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