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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
I know Betts is done. I'm not talking about Betts the person, but Betts the player type. A good defensive player.

Rinaldo serves his role, but his role is useless. There are other players that exist that do the things he does in a more controlled manner, and can still play.

Upshall hit, skated fast and got under peoples' skin. He could also play hockey.

Lappy could hit, and fight (and far more important than just fighting, he knew when to fight). He could also play hockey

The list can go on, and on. You do not need these Rinaldo type players. Having them as the 13th forward and dressing them when the other team dresses their moron is fine, but the whole concept is stupid. They both play 4:30 and as soon as theu're on the ice at the same time they fight. Its pointless. That type of fighting is not needed, and you're living in the past if you think it is needed.
Rinaldo makes $500K and that matters...comparing him to Upshall? cmon. What kind of comparison is that? Why not compare him to Lucic?

You say controlled manner...has he been out of control? If he has I haven't seen it...has he hurt the team with dumb penalties?

You say they don't need a Rinaldo type of player but you're wrong and the Flyers obviously disagree with you. You have formed your opinion based on the past and it'll take time to open your eyes to reality.

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