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10-28-2003, 08:35 AM
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I think we have more good young talent than all but maybe 1 or 2 other teams (L.A. has a really good group of young guys) and if the next couple of years they are really going to start contributing in a big way. It would be crazy to think that ever one of our prospects in going to become an NHL, but if a few of them can become regular NHL players in the near future, the habs future looks bright. We seem to have many young prospects in almost every type of player category needed. Scorers (Kastitsyn, Perezhogin) griders (Ryder, Ward,) leaders (Higgins), defensemen (Komi, Hainsey), and so on. If a few of these guys can become core players and added to the young group of core players currently on the habs (Koivu, Zednik, Ribiero, Bulis, Souray, Markov, Theodore) we will have the base for a very good team.
As this group establishes themselves, I beleive management will then look at the free agent market to help fill any voids.
The biggest thing to remember is a new CBA is just around the corner and could change the thinking and spending of alot of teams making the free agent market a more level playing field. When this happens Montreal will be ready to make move as our core group of young players shouldn't cost us as much in payroll as some of the dinosauser teams.
I think when you look at this and add the fact we have a great front office (Andre Savard has proven the ability to keep the stable full of good young prosects through good drafting and Bob Gainey brings a stability and good track record to the table as GM), I really beleive the future looks real bright.
As fans he best we can do is show patience. The whole proccess is not going to take weeks or months, and the development of our prospects must be handled the best way possible and that's why I beleive Higgns is in Hamilton and Hainsey is watching some games from the press box. Alot of players over the years have talked about the things they learn from sometimes watching the game instead of participating.
I have faith in the team running the habs and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am pretty sure it isn't a train.

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