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10-20-2011, 11:12 AM
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I don't understand this hate for Burke. I can't stand the Leafs, but the man's a great gm. He's won everywhere he's gone. Do you guys even remember the team he inherited in Toronto back in 2008? Totally useless players with monstrous contracts like Blake,McCabe, Stajan...etc...He had virtually nothing of value to trade and basically had to start from scratch. In three short years, he has brought them from basement dwellers to possibly making the playoffs this year. Yes, it's not the Cup, but how's Gainey's five year plan going? That's what I thought. Has he made some bad signings and trades? Of course, but at least he is smart enought to realize them and correct them. He buried Jeff Finger in the minors, got rid of Beachemin, got back a first round pick for Kaberle, and i'm sure he's gonna do something with Komi to get out of that contract. What do we do with our mistakes? We play them a la Gomez and Spacek. The team already had a decent nucleus that is pretty young. Add to that guys like Colburne and Gardiner and it wouldn't surprise me to see them be very competitive in a year or two. Again, my hate for the Leafs knows no limits, but I would love to have Burke here.

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