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10-20-2011, 11:40 AM
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This is like people trying to make rules for when you should or should not wear a jersey. Was the author of this article elected as the arbiter of all that is appropriate? Who the hell is he to say we can't use we?

Most of his arguments are terrible. Players for teams that have good fans often mention the energy they get from the "7th player". Fans certainly have an impact on the game.

He thinks that if you subsidize the team in some way, that gives you the right to use "we", but somehow, buying tickets and merchandise doesn't count? He tries to use a team without fans as an example to show fans are not needed, but fails to mention that team will never get anywhere as long as it doesn't have fans. And of course, that team needs at least some fans to function.

He says it's the only form of entertainment where we use "we", but it's clear he hasn't thought about it for more than ten seconds. Is it typical for people to buy tickets to a concert where a signer from their city competes with a singer from a rival city to outperform him? Is a competitive sport even anywhere close to being analogous to a movie? None of the other forms of entertainment he used as examples have a competitive aspect. The rivalry in sports is what makes people use "we". The team represents your city and it's trying to beat another city's team. This isn't remotely similar to any of the examples he gave.

And finally, he tells us that somehow, the notion that some fans have seen their teams relocate is proof that they can't use "we". Again, did he even think about this? The players themselves are completely powerless to stop a team from moving. Will anyone deny that they can use "we"? If we follow his logic, the only people who can use "we" are the owners of the team.

Just because he talked to one player who didn't care about his fans doesn't mean the sentiment is generalized either.

I'll be wearing my jersey and talking about how we will beat the leafs Saturday, old man yelling at clouds be damned.

And for the record, I don't see how we wouldn't have the right to nickname athletes. People nickname celebrities all the time, it's not just sport fans. I don't see why we should know them as friends before we can nickname them.

EDIT: I still use we when we lose. I should have cheered louder.

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