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10-20-2011, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by will5059 View Post
I live in new haven county ct and Comcast doesn't offer msg+ up here. My town (Madison ,CT) also had ancient cable lines up until last year so center ice wasn't even an option for before this season. Last year I got gamecenterlive on my ps3 and love it. You can set it so it doesn't give away the scores so it's perfect for if you can't make it home by 7 but want to watch the game without spoiling the ending. I find with the recent upgrade in the cable lines the picture quality is just below HD, but miles better than standard def. (not sure if the new lines on the street effect Internet speed, but whatever)Now after talking to many Comcast customer service reps I found out that the amount of HD games availible on center ice varies from town to town depending on the lines on the street . Ours are now up to date so we get like 4 or 5 games in hd a night. But the fact that gamecenter let's me watch the game in it's entirety or in condensed form keeps me from switching. Oh and there's a three year archive and classic games dating back to the 60's . Hope that helps.
Please share this tidbit... This always ruins Hawks games for me. That and ScoreMobile sending me alerts every time Quenneville snarls at a ref.

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