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10-20-2011, 11:52 AM
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positional situation

Hereís a situation that happened last night and Iím not sure if I responded correctly: Iím playing RW and the puck is in our end. Iím high and covering their D on my side (my man). The LW is down low while he should be high and covering the other D on his side. So that D is wide open. They get the puck in the corner, on the same side as the open D. The guy with the puck has some time Ė his headís up and looking for someone to pass to. The D the LW is suppose to be covering jumps into the play and heads down right into the slot looking for the pass. I see whatís happening and I leave my man to cover this D. I go right with him, tie him up and prevent the pass. The guy with the puck now sees my D is open and shoots the puck around the boards to the open D on the far side (my man). That D gets a good shot away but doesnít score and we spend a few more minutes running around until our goalie covers the puck.

My centerman is yelling at me for not covering my guy. I explain to him what happened and he tells me no matter what I shouldnít leave my D. I told him that I prevented their team from getting a really good scoring chance, if not a goal, and that should be priority number one. Had I not left my position and covered that D, he would have been wide open in the slot with the puck. My centerman telling me it doesnít matter and no matter what I donít leave my D. Personally, I donít agree; but I donít have a lot of experience. I started playing as an adult 5 years ago and heís played college hockey.

So my question is did I do right thing or should I stay with my D no matter what.

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