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10-20-2011, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
Gomez also played a lot more since he is 5 years older

Right now Grabovski is playing like a #2 center while Gomez is not

Like I said if you think it was a good trade, good for you that's your opinion, your allowed to have your opinion just like everyone else, I didn't like the trade then and I still don't now
what example would a GM give to hes players if he didnt trade Grabovski and let him miss practices,planes etc.... its been awhile so dont really remember all the chaos he was creating but he was no angel here and was creating alot of buzz specially with the Kostitsyn brothers,of course Gomez been fustrating to watch at times but atleast he doesnt bring a negative attitude to the locker room,same thing applies to the Ribeiro trade,Ribeiro is shinning in Dallas but he was a pest here and trust me i know cuz i personally know Mike,he hated the fact that Koivu would put him in place when he would show up to practices still hangover from the night before him and Koivu were always fighting,moving to texas revived hes career,no nightlife in texas also in Philly you think they liked the idea of trading their Captain Richards ? sometimes these trades work out better for the player since they see it has a new start so it makes the GM look real bad but doesnt mean they would have that same success in our team's.....Grabovski was one of these pests,has for Montreal trading for Gomez,i guess that centennial year was a complete failure for Gainey to let half the team walk away,most were getting old ne ways so the organisation decided to start fresh with new blood,the Gomez trade was the first step to go into free agency and show every UFA that the organisation wants to win,sure Gomez hasnt produced like expected but hes not bringing negative attitude to the team and im sure every player in the locker room would agree.

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