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10-20-2011, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by ReVeuF View Post
I like a GM who is charismatic and who go see the press from time to time just to give a heads up of what he plan to do in the future of his team.

A GM can never be satisfied of his team, always a place need improvement... and Gauthier is satisfied of his team, right there I see a big problem...
Well you know what, I would hate my GM to say, you know what my team is ok but player A sucks and Player B could be improved...First of all that destroys the last chance you have of Player A & B even trying to put out a correct effort. A Boss in whatever company, will always try to better is team, but will also always tell his team that he knows they are the best....
But he is not satisfied with his team, he's always trying to improve and such, Betts, Campolli, The Wiz are onloy example of that...

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