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10-20-2011, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
There is always that potential with any rookie, and I think Couturier and Read both will eventually slow down, but I can see Schenn staying consistent throughout. Not necessarily ripping it up and winning the Calder, but I think with Schenn you have a guy that is already "there," so to speak. The general consensus about this kid is that he is the most NHL ready player of any player not in the NHL. That doesn't mean that he isn't going to struggle at times or even throughout, but I think with Schenn, if he stays healthy, he should be able to consistently contribute. Couturier and Read, however, I could easily see slowing down when it gets into December-January. I don't think that is a knock on those two at all, it's just part of being a young guy in the NHL. It's not a guarantee, but I think we'll see Read and Couturier level off at some point during the season. Schenn I am confident will be consistent though.
Eh, we will agree to disagree. Just because he is most ready doesnt mean he wont slow down. Other than a few games, he hasnt felt the roughness and vigors of the NHL. That can be taxing, but more so on a 20 yr old than a 25 yr old. If there is any of them that might not hit it as hard, might be Read because of his age and the amount of hockey he has played. Ya he hasnt played the 82 games in a season, but he has alot more games under his belt than Couturier and Schenn.

That being said, I think they all will, but that is what happens when you have 3 rookies on a team. Im not really dreading it. Just because they hit a wall doesnt mean they are going to be ****** players. They might not put up points, but they will still be on the pk and providing other positives to the game. The "wall" per say is abut the overall play but is ussually focused more on the offensive portions of play.

But this is why we have 9 other vets on the team. And this is also why starting off strong is important. It isnt like we are going to be winning 35+ games (well hopefully we will haha) in the 40 first games and then lose 42 straight just because of 3 rookies.

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