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10-20-2011, 12:44 PM
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thats always a tough one but the C is right, instinct says "hey that dudes open stop him" but the reality is it isnt your guy. My rule and the one i used when coaching wingers is always stay within a stick and a half of your pointman, always!!. the exception i teach and i relate it to a penalty kill is, if you can reach the other pointman in 2 or less strides then cut off his pass but never ever cross your half of the ice. so basically if the opposite dman is on your half then take him. the reasoning i have for this rule is that the d man in the middle of the ice is the danger shooter, even if he were to pass to teh dman you leave that shot is way lower percentage. if you can get to the opposite side d on your half then that has to mean your guy is either on teh boards or pinched.

general rule in regular games, dont leave your guy by more than a stride

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