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Originally Posted by goyotes View Post
Most recent out of Phoenix (but not reported by any credible news source so take this with a grain of salt) is that Daly was in Glendale on Tuesday to meet with the CoG, who was also in executive session to consider both bids. Also, supposedly the Jamison group was/is in Phoenix this week.

If any of that is true, one would hope to see something on the city's agenda for next week's meeting. The agenda should be posted late Friday evening. I suspect they will not go the route of a MOU, but will have a lease drafted and ready for council approval.
I see that the Executive Session arena boilerplate was back in this weeks Council Workshop agenda.

A. Discussion and consultation with the City Attorney and City Manager to receive an update, consider its position and provide instruction and direction to the City Attorney and City Manager regarding Glendale's position in connection with agreements associated with the Arena and the Hockey team, which are the subject of negotiations (A.R.S. S 38-431.03(A)(3)(4)(7)).
I wouldn't read to much into this. This has been on every workshop agenda since 6/21. Before then, it was on the agenda less than half of the time.

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