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Originally Posted by htpwn View Post
A frequent excuse for the lackluster attendance in Phoenix has been the uncertainty. Does that change if a new ownership group has an outclause?
Of course. 5 or 7 years is a long enough span for people to invest themselves in the team. Even in hockey mad Winnipeg the attendance went down when people realized that the team would be leaving. This where people were already fully invested in the hockey team. Lacluster attendance shows that Phoenix has not become emotionally invested in the team, and won't until ownership is settled. After that, it's anyone's bet.

I believe that, in the heart, if the team you love may be leaving, you stick with the team to the bitter end, but if a team has not yet captured your heart you won't decide to invest yourself in the team given the possiblity that it might be torn away from you right after you start to follow them.

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