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10-28-2003, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by slats432
OK...I have seen JDD at Oilers camp and that is it. IMO he is a very good prospect who has even looked better than Tommy Salo at times in two Septembers.

I am going to pick a couple of guys that I have heard glowing reports and if you could give me an opinion as to why JDD is a better prospect I would love to hear it.(And no...this isn't an attack...this is just information gathering.)

Josh Harding was the WHL player of the year 2003. Why would you rank JDD higher?

Hannu Toivonen shone in camp for the Bruins.

Cam Ward top WHL goalie 2002.

Why is our guy getting this good press?
I personally think that Deslauriers is better than the goalies that you mentioned there. But one reason that I think he is above those goalies on that list is because he is ranked our #1 prospect.

The other goalies on that list are mainly ranked #3 prospect or lower on the team pages at HF. I do not agree with some of the rankings by each teams editor. For example Lenevue is Pheonix's last ranked prospect at #17 I believe, while Harding is Minnesota's #9. I think that if Lenevue was ranked in Phoenix's top 5 he would automaticaly be in the top 100, IMO he should be between 60-80 (instead he was'nt even ranked).

I have'nt seen much of the goalies that you are talking about but by judging Ward on his tryouts with the WJC, he has not looked as good as Deslauriers. Ward was one of the first round cuts for Canada last year if I remember correctly, and at this years summer camp, he was once again probably the worst goalie.

And as for Harding I think that the are pretty close right now, but IMO Deslauriers has a bigger upside.

And I cannot comment on Toivonen at all because I have not seen him play, or even heard anything on him, other than he had a good camp for the Bruins.

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