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10-30-2005, 08:25 PM
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Same story with that particular ball hockey team: We were beaten up 8-1! I played the second half of the game as a defenseman and was very happy with my playing excepted at one occasion when I left my man by himself. He scored on the play. But other than that, I covered the guys in front of the net and on the board very well. I put less focus than usual on the ball, and more on my man, and it paid off. I think the lesson I learned today is to cover someone, to keep an eye on him every few seconds and take a quick look around to try and anticipate what play is likely to happen. For example, it could be a guy alone in the creast. You can tell he is going to receive the ball if his teamate is in possession of the ball and looks at the guy in the creast. Most of the times, you can tell he is going to pass to him. Then you come as close as you can to that guy. If you wait that the pass is done, it may be already too late. In other words, you have to be there where the ball is gonna be.

Last point, a general one: I believe that it's better to choose a position -offense or defense- where you are at your best and improve yourself at that position. I notice that I am more useful at defense. So from now on, I will always ask to be on defense.

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