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10-20-2011, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by ruckus View Post
I don't disagree with your premise, but let's not act like Wolski has this reputation but not acknowledge his production. The guy has put up legit numbers, albeit with strings attached.

Shouldn't a coach as good as Torts be able to at least get similar production out of him?
Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Similar production to what, a season that was an aberration to Wolski's average production? He typically puts up anywhere from 40-50 points.... Last season he had 19 points through 37 games. Extrapolated to an 82 game season, that would have equated to 42 points, in which he was predominantly playing a 3rd line role with a rookie centering his line. Seems on par with his normal production to me, especially relative to his ice time/role.
Wait I thought you established in the Avery discussion that averages don't matter?

My point throughout this whole discussion is that Wolski serves no purpose on this team if he's on the fourth line. And that is becoming apparently clear that's where he's headed.

Like Over The Cap said it is just horrible management if it plays out that way.

I understand Wolski has been hurt and that's why I've said that we'll see what happens and how it plays out when he's back.

What's your opinion on what he's going to do? Cause I don't see him breaking up Dubi-Arty-Cally, or Feds-Boyle-Prust. If that's the case then there's only one slot, and that's next to Richie and Gabby for him to play, or he ends up on the fourth line.

There's too many people on here who will watch Torts put him on the fourth line, get 8 minutes a night, and then say it's Wolski who hasn't done anything to deserve more minutes. You can't put players in positions to fail and then be surprised when they fail.

There is only ONE spot for Wolski when he returns based on that contract, unless Torts changes up his lines and breaks up two that he really likes.

And based on the fact that Torts seemed to give up on Wolski after one preseason game I'm not convinced he's going to get him a legitimate chance there.

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