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10-20-2011, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkMM View Post
What's funnny is that over on the Canucks board a lot (most?) are predicting a Nashville win tonight. Vancouver is without exception HORRIBLE every October, the only hope is that after gettings spanked our last game the team may be motivated to come out swinging. But Nashville may be similarly motivated.

Didn't know you guys had so many injuries, that might be the difference-maker. The Sedins are playing strong, but that's about it, almost no secondary support although flashes from the long-awaited rookie Hodgson. Defense is quietly but consistently strong.

As for the question on Kesler, he is just flying out there. Word was that the Canucks wouldn't let him back until he was 100% better, not even any stiffness or soreness from his surgery, and he sure looked like he was 110% last game, so that may be where the team turns for secondary scoring.

On the Nashville end, I'm really excited to see Smith, I've heard a lot about him. Too bad Fisher's out, he's a difference-maker, and of course, Rinne has established himself league-wide as a goalie to be feared.
We have a lot of injuries but the depressing part isn't necessarily the injuries themselves, but the pathetic lack of offensive depth we have which makes those injuries so valuable.

I don't know too much about the Canucks from the standpoint of how slow they start every year and things like that, but from our side you can throw all those things out right now. We're desperate to get something going and it shows. We got outworked Monday at Edmonton and honestly that NEVER happens to a Preds team.

Count in the fact that we had 12 shots the entire game, and had just played two pathetic home games before that and you have a recipe for desperation. We traditionally suck in Vancouver (how we won 2 of 3 there in last year's playoffs I'll never know) and all that combined is why a lot of pessimism is raining down over here.

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