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10-20-2011, 03:35 PM
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I think this is my 4th or 5th season of beer league now, there have been 2 fights involving my team in total. It's pretty stupid/uncalled for in beer league, but at least it's rare, like once every 50 games or so (with my team at least). It just happens in hockey at basically all levels though, sometimes guys just get heated. It was a 2 game suspension in the league I was playing in too (in a new league now, not sure what the rules are there). I understand the refs not stepping in once the fight is started, but one of the 2 fights they definitely should have stepped in. Two guys were battling for position in front of the net, give each other some shoves and taps once the play goes the other way, guy on my team goes to skate away, guy on their team drops his gloves, grabs him, and tries to start a fight. For a good 10 seconds or so the refs were standing right there, guy on my team says he has no interest in fighting, but the refs don't step in. Finally the guy on the other team just starts throwing punches, bad choice for him though as he picked a big dude on our team who knows how to throw em, guy on our team is forced to fight and 1 punches the other guy. When the guy on the other team fell to the ice he broke his hand and his collar bone, guy on my team was fine, and actually didn't even get suspended since the refs saw he clearly didn't want to fight. Instant karma for the other guy for his stupidity.

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