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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I know. Sadly... I know.

Don't forget wasted assets Ribeiro, Grabs, S Kosti, Higgins, Lapierre, McD, O'Byrne...

Certainly some of those can be explained but you're right overall it's a long, long list of guys we gave away or let leave for next to nothing. I really didn't care about us giving away Ribeiro for example but when you give him away along with everyone else it becomes a big problem.

And no, I don't think we'll do a rebuild anytime soon and I think that it's too bad because I think it would help us.

Actually, what deserves an award is some guy coming into this thread and actually trying to pass off the first five games as the basis of my opinion.

The core was built two years ago. We should've rebuilt then but reloaded with medicority to replace our already mediocre core. That is not going to change this season dude. I don't need the 5 games we've already seen to know this. And when we go on our inevitable hot streak at some point and you're over there posting in the "Gosh it feels like '93!!!!!111" thread, I still won't see us as good enough.

We don't have a core capable of winning a cup. We have a goalie who's capable and we have some guys who may be able to be part of a winning core down the road, but we've saddled ourselves with a mediocre core that isn't going to win this season or next if we're still stuck with those guys.

So please... take your "it's only 5 games" crap and go back to the "Gosh I hope Gomez Scores at Least 45 Points This Year" thread.

We should've rebuilt two years ago. Instead we delayed this by re-stocking with more medicority. Yet you defend this. I don't understand why...

Don't you ever want to see a cup here again? Or will you be happy telling your grandchildren (with great pride no doubt) how you got to see us (led by the great Brian Gionta) lose to the eventual cup champs in a 7 game first round knockout?

Again, I listen to Leaf fans everyday talk with pride about 1993 and how they ALMOST made it to the finals. And sadly, that's what I see here. People not only defending mediocrity but championing it.

Like I said, the Hab threads become more and more like the Leaf threads every day. Defending stupid moves like the Gomez trade and being happy with signing an over the hill guy like Cole to a 4 year deal. That's not how you build a winning team and if the logo was Toronto's, you'd know this. But because it's a CH on the sweaters it becomes... anyone can play, anyone can win. Right.
wow this guy gets so offended easily. I think I saw the word mediocre 200 times we get it buddy, even though you are clearly a micro managing fan who has no faith in the team what so ever...Good job, maybe you should jump on the leafs wagon now. I can't wait to say I told you so

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