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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I agree with all of that and I'm not saying Schenn won't slow down, I just think of the three he will be the most consistent. Couturier I think will slow down and hit the wall because of his physicality and age. Read I think will slow down just because he doesn't have the pedigree that Couturier and Schenn have. I know what doesn't really mean anything and I'm sure I will get flamed for saying that and maybe it's just me having a preconceived notion about the guy, but it's just rare for a guy to come out of college undrafted at 25 and continue at the pace he is on right now. It is certainly not impossible and I'm sure it has happened before (and does happen from time to time with later round picks), I guess I am just one of those guys who will always doubt him until he shows otherwise. Nothing against him and I hope I am way off, but it's how I felt about Vance Worley during the Phillies season too. When dude's come out of nowhere and play well, you expect them to slow down.
Read is 25. I remember reading that he was heavily scouted a year ago, but decided to return to Bemidji for his Sr. year because they were opening a new arena or something. Plenty of teams have felt he's been ready for a couple years.

Anyway, it's pretty clear he's an NHL calibre player - he's not a borderline AHLer.

He's as filled out as he's going to get too. We talk about little guys, like really big guys, needing to fill out into men to be really effective. Guys like Briere, St. Louis, etc. Read did that in college.

I don't see any reason why he has to slow down. He came in and trained with McCrossin all summer. He's in great shape, he knew what to expect and he's a rookie who Lavy is putting on the POINT on the PP!

I also agree there is no reason for Schenn to slow down, but Couts might feel the grind more as he's still scrawny....

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