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10-28-2003, 09:19 AM
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I still can't figure out where Winter is coming from. At first, he claimed they didn't ask for a trade, only to admit later that they did ask for one, but only as an attempt to get Lowe’s attention. Now he says they have irreconcilable differences and the only solution is a trade. Meanwhile, he claims to be bound by a confidentiality agreement and, as such, will neither confirm, nor deny, Comrie’s position with regard to playing in Edmonton.

I would be willing to believe these trade demands were a standard negotiating tactic if it were not for the lack of similar demands coming out of the other holdout camps. Therefore, it appears that either Comrie has no interest in continuing his career in Edmonton, or Winter is a complete bozo giving Comrie bad advice. I find the later scenario unlikely because Comrie and his family are not stupid, and if they felt Comrie was getting bad advice; Winter would no longer be his agent. As a result, the only conclusion is that Comrie has indeed requested a trade.

With what appears to be little action by Lowe on the trade front, Winter’s client is getting antsy, and the result is the latest outburst in the media. I fully support Lowe in waiting as long as it takes, no matter how bad the Oilers record gets this year.