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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
It's more refined today, thanks to the development of some financial instruments that weren't available in older times. Nor perhaps did anyone foresee the need to hedge, and by the time they did, it was too late. You can't find something that will protect from a 40% deficit once you're in the thick of it.
Well, money trading & speculating or "hedging" has been around for a long long time Fugu as you know. Why, just since the early 19th century alone the 1st Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschilds built upon the families wealth & attracted many of the worlds super rich in doing just that. Then in the 40's you had Edward the VIII & the Dastardly Count Marie Alfred Fouqereauxde Marigny trading British Pounds Sterling & Yankee Greenbacks for German Reichsmarks from the lap of luxury in Nassau. Traitorous, criminal, deservedly losing their bets & most of their money on the outcome of WWII ... Its a Rich Mans World alrighty.

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