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10-28-2003, 10:20 AM
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For me it's very hard to say a certain guy should be over another. I have thought of something kind of different, but not sure about it. I'd like to see prospects rated on levels, or in groups. This may not make sense, but if you look at the Habs, they have 40 prospects right now. Actually I've been told by HF that Ryder, Hainsey and Hossa have to come off the list and be moved to graduated. But to me we have 40 prospects. To rank them all is not easy. I had the idea of grouping the prospects by overall skill. Something like this,

Group 1- Komisarek, Kastsitsyn, Hainsey, Perezhogin, Higgins, Hossa

Group 2- Plekanec, Urquhart, Ryder, Balej, Milroy, Korneev, Beauchemin, Korpikari, Archer, Locke, Lambert, Stewart

Group 3- Ferland, Eneqvist, Lapierre, Puurula, Halak, O'Byrne, Buturlin, Damphousse, Michaud, Shasby, Flood, Linhart

Group 4- Lindberg, Glenn, Deveaux, Larrivee, Thinel, Selig, Marois, Bonneau

With Group 1 being top notch talent. The success of these guys will be a major part of the Habs future success. The skill level of them put them at the cream of the crop.

Group 2 would be the slightly lesser skilled at this point in time, but still highly skilled with a good chance to see NHL time at some point if they continue to progress.

Group 3 would be more of the average skilled or players that have something holding them back still. Skilled with holes in their game I guess you culd say.

Group 4 would be the lower skilled players that are of the longshot varity. Need a lot of work to reach the next level.

The groups were just thrown together quickly, but you get the idea. Of course a few guys could be moved around, it's just an idea.

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