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10-21-2011, 06:20 AM
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The things I think after watching the capital game...

I thnink that Couturier doesnt belong on the 4th line, especially if it is only to appease Hartnell or justify his salary. Couturier should be in the top 9 or sent back to juniors. Personally, I think that he has done enough to stick around for the entire season. But if they are gonna do that only to play him on the 4th line then I think they are wasting a year of his entry-level contract.

I think that Couturier is playing better and more importantly smarter then Hartnell. The flyers were crusing to 1st period intermission with a 1-0 lead when hartnell makes that ridiculous pass that becomes a turnover and then the tying goal. No way the capitals get that goal in the last minute without the mometum boost from the first goal, which we all know, is 100% hartnells fault. I dont think there is any chance that Couturier turns that puck over in that situation. no way, no how.

I think that Schenn had a good game and showed glimpses of what is to come which is exciting to see. He has great puck control, a few times i thought he was gonna lose it or turn it over and he some how retained possesion of it which was impressive. He is here to stay and will only get better and better.

I think Briere looks lost out there and has no chemistry with his current line mates. I know that it might take some time but I just dont get the feeling that it will click anytime soon. He just seems to zap when he should be zig if you know what I mean. Therefore, I think a line shake up is in the near future.

I think that Brzygalov had little to no shot to stop any of the goals. 1st goal was a deflection off of coburn. 2nd goal was a slam dunk by Ovechkin. 3rd goal was a deflection of of lilya. 4th goal was a deflection off of Talbot. 5th goal was a deflection off of Joel Ward (altough Bryz's turnover was at fault). Its very hard to fault a goalie on deflections for obvious reasons.

Anyway, back to the line shake-up, i think that the only way that all the players can get the ice time required is to move briere back to wing which i know isnt the best for him but I dont see any other way. I think that putting briere back with hartnell is a way to jump start the both of them (hopefully).


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