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Originally Posted by JKP View Post
This one clearly lands on the coaches.

This team had 4 days off and should have come out with fresh legs and been flying. Instead, they came out flat and looked like they'd been drinking beer for the last four days and lounging around the pool.

Same problem on opening night. Big layoff between any games and they come out flat. After a couple of games, they played much better. Be curious to see if they're much crisper tomorrow.
Last night's game definitely reminded me of opening night. And then what happened? They won the next 3 in a row. Look, I'm not trying to sugar coat ******* here. There have been problems with certain players on this team since the first game of the season and those problems haven't gone away. But most of the roster looked good in games 2-4, so I'm not going to panic just yet.

Besides, we know this team had shortcomings going into the season. If they make the playoffs (and that has always been a big IF), most of us were not delusional enough to think that they'd finish any higher than 7th. So despite last night's dismal effort, they still are what they are; a team that while improving, is still inconsistant and still has room to grow. This is probably not the last time this season that we see the team play like this, but the key is to not allow this type of play to continue over multiple games as it did last season. Let's see how both the players and the coaching staff react to last night's game and let's see how they come out against the Panthers. In the very least, I'm hoping for a replay of Game 2 of the season.

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