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Who Remembers the Habs of the Late 60's and 70's?

I have been following the Habs since the late mid to late 60's...and have been fortunate enough to see my team hoist the Cup numerous times. In fact, it was so often in the 70's that I would turn off the television and go to bed before the game ended because the Habs did not have adequate competition. I don't think that is a slant against the league as much as it is the fact that Sam Pollock was a true Master Mind. Of course, coupled with that, was that Montreal had their hands into so semi-pro teams that Pollock hid gems in places no one could find. Heck, the Nova Scotia Voyageurs could have easily been another NHL team with the talent they had.

From what I have observed, the Habs niche was an great offence. They could defence but it was a quick transition, speed and weaponry up front that made them so dangerous. The backend was manned by, first Dryden, then the big three - Savard, Robinson and Lapointe. They never played the was go-go-go...maybe similar to Boucher's idea. This unsettling trap system that produces boring, ineffective hockey was first introduced by someone named Lemaire. In fact, I blame him for killing the spirit of Lafleur. This happened right after Grundman and Co. missed the ball by neglecting their own backyard in the draft and taking Wickenheiser over someone called Denis Savard of the famed Trois Denis line. To greater and lesser degrees, the Habs have been playing this trap system now for years.

Gainey was the latest one to come in and clean house. The problem was that he cleaned the team of players but left the system in place. He further added to the problem by hiring a trap artist in Martin and pushed for Gauthier to be promoted after his own Gainey and Gauthier are of the same mould and mindset. In cleaning house, Gainey reconstructed the Habs into a speedy, quick transitional team with a good PP and PK.

I really don't know much about Martin other than the fact that he has never won anything of great consequence in the league. Recently, we have seen he is adept at juggling lines. I have been left to wonder if he truly has a system. If he does it is indeed the wrong system for this team. I will go on record as saying this: the Habs do not have a player problem...we have the right players but we are using the wrong system. This team has been built to fly. It has been built to attack, regroup and attack again. In my humble opinion, Martin and Co. need to let them loose and play THEIR game, not his!

I drive a Dodge Durango with a 5.7 Hemi. I love my truck. Every time I get on the road it speaks to says "let me go!" The only thing holding me back is the RCMP and laws of the land which says I can only do 100 kms. Well, this team is begging to be let go. The only one holding them back is Jacques himself. I am not worried about the defence...I love the youth. I am not worried about Price...he is quite able to hold his own. I am not even worried about this group of forwards...they can score...but they have to be let loose and play the game the way they know how to play it. Who cares if the opposing team scores 6 goals. The Habs would only have to score 7 to win! Go Habs! Here's hoping I will see another Cup hoisted in my lifetime.

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