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Regina selects Lucien DeBlois, F. Depending on how today and tomorrow go, he will complete our 3rd line as the RW, or our 4th as the C.

- He mostly played RW but could play all three forward positions.
- with 535 points, he has the 5th-most among available players.
- with 432 ESP, he has THE most among available players.
- He killed 24% of penalties for his teams in his 993 game career.
- to find a player with lower PP usage than him (16%) or fewer PP points than him (79) you need to look all the way down to a guy with just 382 total points.
- to find a guy used more on the PK, you have to look down to a guy with 441 total points.
- Two seasons as Jets captain

DeBlois was a versatile forward who was a jack of all trades and master of none. He played 993 NHL games and scored 525 points, which appears to be 3rd among all undrafted players. Based on overpass' adjusted points, he would be 14th among all undrafteds. However, among the 13 who place ahead of him, none were on the ice for as high a percentage of PPGA as DeBlois (24%). And they all scored at least 38 more adjusted PP points than DeBlois. He is 6th in adjusted ESP among undrafteds.

And none of the players with comparable offensive longevity, were NHL captains. DeBlois was the Jets' captain for two seasons. For these reasons he is a valuable commodity - a guy who can fill in on the bottom two lines, provide an above average and consistent amount of bottom-6 offense, check the other team's best players, kill penalties and provide leadership. And he plays all three forward positions. What more can you ask for in the 158rd pick?

DeBlois wears his adjusted -115 like a badge of honour, as he was always the checking line center for pretty bad teams. He did still manage to get into 52 playoff games and win a cup with the 1986 Habs. He was 9th in TOI among forwards that year.

DeBlois enjoyed just one very good offensive season, scoring 79 points in 1983-84. He had 8 more seasons with between 30 and 54 points.

Originally Posted by Players: The Ultimate A-Z Guide Of Everyone Who Has Ever Played in the NHL
DeBlois was drafted overall by the Rangers in 1977, a shrewd move in the eyes of then-GM John Ferguson: "We took DeBlois over Bossy, because we felt that Bossy didn't check enough for the NHL." True enough, perhaps, but no amount of checking from DeBlois could replace the guaranteed 50 goals from Mike Bossy... his was a career marked with resilience rather than a burst of greatness...
Originally Posted by Complete Handbook Of Pro Hockey 1981
sound offensive-styled RW who was wasted with Rangers... often was on 4th line when he was dressed at all... talent was never in question but Rangers were stocked at his position... had to be included in Barry Beck deal at Rockies' insistence... immediately installed on PP and did a fine job there... built like a square with wide shoulders and thick arms...
Originally Posted by Complete Handbook Of Pro Hockey 1983
consistent two-way player... scored 25 goals and was strong defensively... good penalty killer... strong along the boards and in corners... one of the game's best practical jokers.
Originally Posted by Complete Handbook Of Pro Hockey 1984
solid big league winger... good defensive player who often kills penalties...
Originally Posted by Complete Handbook Of Pro Hockey 1985
front-line NHL winger... good skater and defensive player who does heavy penalty killing load...
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 1986-87
a good skater, with good balance on his skates but not a whole lot of speed... he is more of a mucker up and down his wing than a rocket, and won't beat too many defensemen one on one... he controls the puck fairly well and is a good passer, but DeBlois is not exceedingly intelligent on the ice and doesn't have a great capacity for creativity... can score if he is left open... a tough hockey player, willing and able to hit in the corners and along the boards. He has good upper body strength, but has been prone to groin pulls and abdominal strains in the last few seasons... can hit hard and consistently... can hold his check out of the play if necessary, and he can check without drawing penalties, which means he plays hard, but clean...

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