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Originally Posted by chsb View Post

Why do you see Couturier hitting a wall this season and Schenn not?
Couturier is more used to a lenghty gruelling and grinding season than Scehnn is.
He went to the Mem Cup at 16 YO.

Couturier also played with Hartnell so far and was never in the minus stat.
How come Schenn was -3 after 1 game playing with Hartnell?

You seem to have a crunch....I can respect it but give me logical reasons.

Couturier is NOT more "use" to a lengthy gruelling and grinding season than Schenn, the fact is that both have played about the same number of games over the past 3 seasons.

Couturier is just 18-years old and if you've ever watched an 18-year old in the NHL almost all of them hit a wall right around the 50-60 game mark. Schenn is 20 and more physically developed. Most 20-year olds are more mentaly resilient than most 18-year olds. Limiting BOTH players ice time will help to lessen or even prevent them hitting that perverbial "wall" that all rookies seem to hit.

Last, how is it so difficult for you to understand that +/- is a TERRBLE way to judge anybody ON JUST ONE GAME???? Do you think that Couturier has some jedi mind powers that would have prevented the deflections that beat Bryz last night when Schenn was on the ice???

Timonen and Voracek were minus players last night for the first time all season, should we blame THAT on Schenn too??? Giroux has been a plus player in just one of 6 games this season and he's been a minus in each of our last 3 games so does that mean he sucks and should be demoted????

Come on now, use your head and do more than just read a stat line.

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