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10-28-2003, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by avfan#21
My pleasure...

It's locked now because its an "unsubstantiated rumour"

99% of what is reported on the rumours board are unsubstantiated rumours made up and puked out in the fishwraps to sell the darn things. Just because Al Strachan said it hardly makes it anymore legit. He never reveals his sources other than maybe to say my NHL inside sources say "blah blah blah" And everytime they are rehashed on the boards they are left there to die from old age, whilst some guy who trusts his roommates family is supposed to have a "legit" source to be able to post. Un-freakin-believable. So what if it isn't true, it was nice for a discussion. Sometimes the double standard on these boards just kills me. I like quality as much as the next rumour junkie but c'mon, Garrioch has dealt Bonk in the Ottawa papers about a zillion times, and yet everytime he brings up a "rumour" it's still bantered about in a dozen threads on the boards. Is his credibility shot? sure. But somehow it's still discussable. (is that a word?)
Seems like most people that post a lot on those main boards have a chip on their shoulder and probably need a life, or lessons in virtual positivity. I think it's a pretty juicy rumor, and if someone hears whispers about it, why not put it up there? I just don't see what the Avs would do with all those goalies if the deal was Tanger for Nobo straight up. Maybe we'd send a goalie and a pick and get Ricci. That would be juicy, indeed.

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