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10-28-2003, 11:15 AM
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The reason we get pissed when we lose and we're happy when we win is becuse as a fan base, montreal fans care more about our team than any other ****ing city. You havent won a ****ing cup since 1972 so u can't say ****. U say most our our cups were before our time,? At least i can say i've expereinced 2 cups, how many have u experienced?? Gainey's not stupid, he will adress the size and toughness issue in time, This team won't get better over night. BUt they will in a couple of years. Keep being proud of ur team that loses in the playoffs every year. The habs have dont even worse recently than the flyers but at least when we were at our best we've gone all the way. The flyers roster is good but not good enough to win a cup, especially with no goalie, and sadly for u, this is as good as ur team will ever get with bobby clarke. And most of ur key players are veterans .. we'll see how good the flyers are in a couple of years. And just face it, Montreal is a ten times hockey town than philly will ever be.. U can't even argue that. Its like me saying that the expos have a better and bigger fan base than the phillies.

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