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10-21-2011, 01:18 PM
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When someone is coming down 1 on 1 against you keep your stick close to your body, then when he gets close or tries to make a move poke check him. This is the simplest thing that I see so many other D not doing.

Most D tend to have their stick extended out, but this just lets the forward know how far your reach is and how far away he needs to stay away from you, you also cant poke check that way. So keep your stick in and then when he gets close enough (cause he will think he has more room then he actually does) quickly poke check him. Easy and effective.

Also try not to blame your self for every goal scored against you when your on the ice. I know when I play I feel like its my fault if the other team scores, even if it was a mistake from one of the team mates.

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