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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur View Post
sad really.

I just don't get why west coast can't support professional teams. We whine about east coast bias all the time, but those guys will have 3 teams within hours drive of each other and be able to sustain them with sellouts.

Even California, which has one of the biggest economic markets in the world, can barely sustain 3 hockey teams. Anaheim doesn't do very well at all and they have a cup.

And I don't buy history, Kings are among the oldest teams in the league and we still struggle with ticket sales. Granted, right now we're doing well, but it wasn't that long ago we weren't.
Depends on the sport and depends on the location. Vancouver is west coast and has no problem supporting the Canucks. LA has no problem supporting the Lakers, Angels & Dodgers. They'd also have no problem supporting a football team either if the NFL would ever bring a team back.

It all boils down to how accessible the sport is to play, IMO. The more accessible it is to play, the more it will be played, loved, and supported. Hockey's just not that easy to play in teh southwestern united states, hence the tepid support.

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