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10-21-2011, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Renegade Stylings View Post
When I watch the Isles, I can't help but marvel at the play of JT. The guy just gets it. He's got such good instincts and is the smartest player on the ice by a MILE.

Seriously though, why have you guys not addressed the need for him to have better linemates?

I watched about 20 mintues of the game the other night and on two separate occasions I noticed him make GREAT plays to win the battle for the puck and send it over to Moulson...who proceeded to fumble with it both times.

I couldn't imagine if he had legit wingers.

That brings me to my question. I own Strome in a fantasy league and am toying with the option of trading him in order to get some players like E Kane and Ennis.

It makes me wonder if Strome will have an eventual shot to play with JT. I know they are both centerman, but in all reality I think both could play either position.

How do the fans view the situation? Is Strome a potential JT linemate as early as NEXT season?
Good question & comments. This is an ongoing argument, but nice to see someone out there who is not an Islander fan who recognizes the way the organization wastes John's talent between two second line players. My bigger worry is that they are throttling back his development. No one debates the value St Louis has had regarding the development of Stamkos. It only takes one legit winger to perhaps raise John's game to that level, or beyond? The owner won't spend on the club past the league mandated floor until the arena issue clears up so John and the rest of us are forced to wait years until Nino and now Strome grow into vets. It sucks, but if he won't spend the money, he won't spend the money.

Strome does not possess the ability to hang on any unit at the NHL level this year, so he won't be here until minimum next year. There is a better than 50% chance he won't be here next year as well. He lacks the size necessary to survive the bigger bodies, and will need to develop his defensive game as well. You can expect him 3 years from now. I doubt he will be full blown 1st line material at that point as well so I wouldn't hold my breath. You can apply the same timeline to Nino although he is further along in the process. I know, you only have Strome, but Nino'd be the guy to see playing with him sooner.

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