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10-21-2011, 06:47 PM
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The future of the franchise?! Drafts, Trades, Retirement

1. Key Question in the near future: Defence!

We will lost Timonen after this season or the next. We will lost Pronger in 2 - 3 years for a #1 or #2 role. We have two ufa dman in Carle and Coburn, so something must happen this offseason or earlier. Also Walker and Lilja are out of their playing career after their contracts ends in 2 years.

We have only one really good d prospect in our Farm system: Erik Gustafsson.

Did you guys think we should draft 2 high dman in the 2012 draft with our 1st and 2nd pick? Or should we try to sign a big UFA Dman? Or should we trade for one like we do it for Meszaros? Do you guys think we should resign Carle and Coburn because we want to build on our consistency in the dzone or is it the right time to change the dcore?

2. Key Question in the near future: What to do with 5 Centers!

We have Giroux, Briere, Schenn, Couturier, Talbot... 1 is too much here.
We can see it in all the line up proposals and in the interviews by Laviolette. We have a problem of making a clear lineup so everyone is happy with his ice time and his role on the team. Itīs a luxury problem but it can also be a bad problem. It can creates locker room problems.

IMO Homer never tought about the option he can get Couturier with the 8th Pick. But he canīt passed away on him so we have too much center now as we have had in the past. But who is not a main piece of the team?

Briere: Vet presence, playoff success, alternate captain
Giroux: Franchise Player, Top10 in the league
Schenn: Top5 Prospect
Couturier: Top15 Prospect
Talbot: Vet presence, playoff success, perfect pk, perfect fit for a 4th line job!

So we donīt want Schenn or Couturier on the 4th line, but i donīt know if one of them can play wing on the 1st or 2nd line.

What can we do? Must we trade one of the Centers (and i bet i wouldnīt be Talbot) because we have too much of them or does we keep somenone of them on the wing. And who can it be?

Your thoughts pls!

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