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10-28-2003, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by thome_26
Well the OIlers organization disagrees with you. His defensive play hasn't been to good so far this year, but then nobody's has been.

He is however giving up good point production for playing on the fourth line! I mean this guy has been playing with stonehands Laraque for most of the last year and this year, and has still outscored several Oilers - to say that there is no top six potential there is a false statement. There is a difference in your feelings on his current play and what he could be someday. And I think could be a very solid secondline two way center.
yeah... that belief has been working wonders for them so far this year. Not to mention all the playoff wins they’ve accumulated believing that second rate talent will emerge and take charge in oiltown. Hell, the oilers also seem to think that cory cross deserves top 2 defense minutes.

obviously, i am only stating my own opinion here (and I’ve known to be wrong in the past) so now i'll ask for yours... do you honestly think that horcoff could (or would ever) get top 6 minutes on any of the elite teams in the NHL? name one of the top 15 payroll teams that would put horcoff anywhere near the 2nd line center spot (rather than on the farm team). being (arguably) a potential top 6 for the oilers does not make for a top 6 NHL player.

even assuming he had that type of potential - when is he going to live up to it? are you suggesting that horcoff has more chance than either pouliot and niinimaki of earning top 2 center honors over the next 5 years?

show me some logic to suggest that horcoff has any chance at all of being a legitimate top 2 center in this league (and specifically for the oilers). i'll also toss in the caveat that 2 good playoff games and a handful of decent games playing overseas don't count.

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