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10-28-2003, 11:54 AM
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I understand what you are saying and used to feel the same way. I guess I have a personal reason for the way I feel that I would rather not share with the whole board. Suffice it to say that I was accused of something once when I was a young man and while it was physically impossible for me to have been guilty and the police who investigated the case, and knew that to be true (after they had already started) had contacted my family, my employer my friends and even my then fiances family asking questions and implying that I was guilty and that they should help them put away this dangerous criminal. Of course, unbeknownst to them I was actually out of the country working for the govt and when they found that out they turned their investigation in another direction, sort of. The local papers got a hold of the story and my reputation was thrashed as a result. That being said, my room mate was the guilty party and while I was out of the country (as stated) when the crime occured, in order to save face the police charged me with colusion and I was forced (by the branch of the gov i worked for) to plead guilty to a lesser charge. All because the gov had assigned me a criminal for a room mate.

My point is that sometimes in thier zelous drive to book a case the police will do things based on hunches (not always wrong by the way) and that lawyers will convince people to accept plea's even though they are innocent just to keep them out of court and or the possibility of jail.

I am not saying that either of these two situations have had that happen but I am saying that since we don't now know the truth and even when someone goes to court and plea's to a lesser charge we still might not ever know the truth that I don't think it is right to hold anyone (including atheletes) to any other standards then the courts impose and that there is simply no reason to want anything else done with them.

In both of these cases the damage that has been done to thier reputations will never be repaired. No matter what you tell some people they will always believe the worst of you or of what they hear or are told. I know in my situation that the local paper wrote a follow up article that was critical of the police for what they had done to me and that they appoligized both publicly and privately to me for their first article. To this very day I still have people ask me how the "recovery" is going as if I am or ever was involved in anything wrong. If it is indeed true then you won't see a DA letting anyone plea bargain their way out of a case like these two. Usually a bargain happens when the DA feels that there is a chance that the person they are after might get off. With these two guys being celebrities I doubt that they would accept a plea unless they believed that there might be mitigating circumstances that might make it very difficult to convict them. Even then, it doesn't matter because I will always think of Corvo as the kid who actually went back into a bar to have a scuffle with a girl involved and will now think that ZP might have shaken or shoved his girlfriend around, and that is the absolute hieght of cowardice in my opinion.

So the damage is already done for us fans. That is why I don't think that the team should do anything else to the players. The courtroom of public opinion has already taken care of that. It's up to our legal system to take care of the criminal punishment part.

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